Great Barrier Reef Experience


Fish's of the GBR

Fish’s of the GBR

The Great Barrier Reef Experience (GBRE) is a scalable international touring exhibition that brings together world leading scientists, research institutions, conservation organisations, tourism, creative geniuses and award-winning cinematographers.

Built around a giant 13ft interactive model of the reef and 4K cinematography, the exhibition brings together real time scientific data and research techniques with the latest technology to encourage visitors to explore the reef like never before.

Ten themed areas, each featuring unique and engaging interactive will showcase the diverse range of habitats of the Great Barrier Reef and the marine life that characterises them. Visitors will experience the reef in 360 degrees, dive the dark depths with a Remotely Operated Vehicle and explore an interactive reef.

Fish of the GBR

Fish of the GBR

Visitors will look beneath the science to confront the astounding hidden truths of the Great Barrier Reef and the keys it holds to our future. Each experience reveals valuable lessons about life and love, family and community and the power of tiny interactions to create mighty changes.

Information will be layered to cater for the range of demographics that visit exhibitions, while the school programs will provide unique opportunities to stream live to various Great Barrier Reef habitats and engage with scientists in the field as they share their amazing discoveries.

The exhibition will tour throughout the world in museums, natural history centres, science centres and aquariums over an initial 10-year period commencing with high exposure markets in North America in 2017.

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